Vinoteca e Poscol

I’ve been looking forward to trying Vinoteca e Poscol for several weeks and finally made it over on Friday for dinner. Vinoteca e Poscol is one member of the trinity of beloved Italian restaurants in Houston by chef Marco Wiles (Da Marco and Dolce Vita are the other two). I’ve been to Dolce Vita several times, but wanted to try a new Italian place, and knew my mind was made up when I learned about VP’s awesome happy hour!

Tuesday through Friday, VP offers $4 glasses of wine and $1 ciccheti for happy hour. I was barely seated before my friend and I ordered glasses of Multepulciano and several ciccheti. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what ciccheti were until they arrived at the table, but I figured for $1 a piece, there was no harm in trying several!

We started with one of each, and then ordered more of our favorites. Imagine small, Italian-style tapas, and you have ciccheti. Ciccheti are typically small open-faced sandwiches, and VP offered several kinds – egg salad with asparagus, cod, various salamis paired with various cheeses, and chicken liver pate. Unfortunately, I think I was enjoying my wine too much to remember to take any pictures of the ciccheti!

Center stage: Blueberry caponata.

After happy hour was over, we moved onto some other dishes. We started with two different brushettes, a pepper and anchovy, and a garlic and bottarga. Bottarga, I learned, is essentially cured fish eggs. I love really briny flavors, so I loved the bottarga. But aside from the bottarga, I wasn’t really impressed with the brushette.

Baby octopus with cannellini beans

My favorite dish of the night came next – blueberry caponata. I wasn’t expecting the vegetable dish to be my favorite of the evening. But the caponata was an amazing blend of sweet and sour flavors, accentuated by tangy little capers, and sweet blueberries.

The other dishes we ordered were good, but don’t warrant any adjective-heavy descriptions. Save for maybe the dessert, a heavenly “millefoglie” with layered strawberries, pastry cream, and flaky pastry dough.

Prosciutto wrapped shrimp

If I were to go back to Vinoteca Poscol, I would focus on the selection of cheese and house-made salumi, rather than going too far into the other parts of the menu. That is of course, after I take full advantage of one of my new favorite happy hours in Houston.

Most favorite dish: Blueberry caponata

Perfect for: happy hour and sharing with friends

Poscol: Vinoteca - Salumeria on Urbanspoon

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