A first taste of Brooklyn

For those dedicated followers of Tuesday Special, I have a very special announcement to make –
Come June 1, this Texas born and bred lady will be heading to the big apple! or actually, its très hipster neighbor, Brooklyn.

As endeared as I am to the people and culture of Texas, I’ve been itching for something different for a while.

I flew up for last weekend weekend hoping to find an apartment, and get more familiar with the place I’ll soon be calling home. Though my dream apartment was snatched from my hands by another New Yorker (argh!!!!! I seriously hope apartment hunting is the worst thing about New York), I had an amazing time.

The weather was incredible, for the first time in a long time according to some locals, so every street in Williamsburg was teeming with couples, families with big dogs, young and hip 20-somethings, and everything in between. Everyone wanted to be in the sun.

Though I was busy bouncing about different Brooklyn neighborhoods, visiting friends, and searching for apartments, I definitely wasn’t going to leave Brooklyn without experiencing some seriously delicious food.

Here are a few that I tried:

A girlfriend and I went her for brunch, and I loved the cute, french-y, garden-y vibe. The food was simple, but I always appreciate a good hollandaise, which Rabbithole certainly had.


But my favorite part of the meal came about two hours in. Rather than rushing us out after we were long finished with out meal, and slowly nursing our coffee, one of the managers offered us a house-made pastry. For free! The walnut apricot scone was delicious, and very much appreciated.


Alas, only one decent photo, because the place was so dim! But Beco delivered one my favorite meals of the weekend. The food was simple, but simply delicious.


My friend and I shared a mix of different vegetables, and other small plates, like sliced brazilian sausage, pao de queijo, and a sandwhich. The sandwich was the least impressive. The caipirinhas were amazing, and the restaurant had a really fun atmosphere. It reminded me of some of my favorite cafes in Paris. Everyone was packed in at tiny tables, many weren’t speaking English, and the animated chatter overwhelmed the music. This might not sound appealing to everyone, but I loved the energy.

One of my friends who’s lived in Brooklyn a long time is a regular at this vegan diner in the Williamsburg/Bed-Stuy area.Though I had stuffed myself at Beco, I was in the mood for something sweet on our walk back, and he suggested Champs.

They had quite the variety of vegan desserts, and that night I tried (read: devoured) the crispy peanut butter chocolate bar. The reasonable prices, homey atmosphere, good food, and super friendly servers ensured that I’ll return when I’m in Brooklyn more permanently.

Peter Pan Bakery:

The northern most neighborhood in Brooklyn is charming, quiet, and still recognizable as staunchly Polish. There are dozens of Polish restaurants and bakeries in the area, and one of the more popular is Peter Pan, which is famous for its red velvet donut.


Though all the goods looked amazing, and the enormity of the cinnamon roll was downright intimidating, I stuck with the favorite. One bite and I was a convert.


The General Greene:

Ony my last night in Brooklyn, I met a friend for dinner, drinks, and dessert. The dinner and drinks were good, but what was really memorable about that evening was the dessert. After oysters and other lite bites, we decided to walk round the lovely Clinton Hill/Fort Greene area to hunt out a place for dessert.


I can’t comment on the rest of the food, but the salted caramel ice cream sundae (with scoops of salted caramel AND chocolate ice cream) was phenomenal. This dessert was made for people (like me) who love the salty-sweet combination.

The service was also very friendly and attentive. We sat at the bar and the bar tender was happy to make conversation with us as we ate our way through the sundae. He even gave us a sample of the ginger peach sangria. General Greene provided me with a very sweet ending to my visit to Brooklyn, and a one more reason to return!

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  1. daveylhenry says:

    Hit quite a few places for just a weekend trip. Great to see the diversity in the choices though, really goes to show that New York does really have everything if you know where to look. Great read

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