An ode to breakfast in Houston

I adore breakfast.


You can get it sweet (french toast)

You can get is savory (steak and eggs)

You can get it salty (bacon with a side of bacon).

Or you can get all of the above (chicken and waffles with maple syrup amiright?)

And there’s never any pressure to get a salad. Amen.

So in one of my last posts about Houston before the big move to the big apple, I will write about some of the meals in Houston that have made me the happiest

First up is House of Pies.

HOP is far from the best place to get breakfast. There ain’t nothin’ fancy about House of Pies. The decor and the waitresses are about the same age. The orange  juice is definitely not fresh squeezed. And for reasons I don’t understand, the hash browns are consistently under cooked. But that’s what I love about House of Pies. They don’t do it perfect, but they do it right.


Sometimes I just want a lot of food for a little bit of money, served with a lot of salt and butter, by waitresses who know how to sass if necessary. And I want it at 2am. Or at 4pm.

(why must restaurants stop serving breakfast at 11am, or 12pm, or 2pm? Is there ever an unacceptable time to eat breakfast?)

And I’m not the only one who feels this way, because there is consistently a wait for a table, at many hours of the day and night.


Perfect for: a classic diner experience

Perfect meal: bottomless coffee, the “Sunshine Breakfast”, and Bayou Goo Pie
House of Pies on Urbanspoon

One of my more recent breakfasts, which I should have had long, long ago, was the fried chicken and waffles from the Breakfast Klub, in midtown. If you want a true Southern breakfast, that will fill you up for lunch and dinner too, get in line at this Houston favorite.


I’m not the only one who thinks this place is great, and most people who’ve been in Houston longer than a couple weeks have at least heard of it. So sometimes the lines get get a little long on the weekend. But don’t let the wait intimidate you, or go during week if you can. Chicken and waffles this good are worth the wait anyhow.


If you are one those people who lies to yourself and “doesn’t like” fried chicken and or waffles, there’s plenty of other really southern, really fantastic items. Like grits, “biskits,” and fried catfish.

Perfect for: when you can’t decide between breakfast (waffles) and dinner (chicken)

Perfect meal: bottomless “koffee,” fried chicken and waffles (they give you the option, but don’t you EVER think about substituting pancakes for the waffle)
the breakfast klub on Urbanspoon

A much as I love the classics, especially southern classics, sometimes I crave something a little more elegant. But not too elegant. We’re still talking about breakfast for christ’s sake.

Crepes are the perfect compromise. Only the French would call the delicate, thin, golden brown, and barely crispy pancakes filled with some godly mix of ingredients “street food.” The crepes from the little cart with Melange Creperie written across the awning are some of the best you’ll find in Houston, and good enough to get a three star review by the Houston Chronicle’s Alison Cook!


Though crepes would never be eaten in France as breakfast food, I think they’re perfect for the morning because they’re not too heavy, though certainly filling, and are just as delicious savory or sweet.

My most favorite crepe EVER is called the crepe complete and is nearly impossible to find done right, despite the fact that it’s made with the quintessential American breakfast ingredients – ham, egg, and cheese. But the real key to a crepe complete is that the egg must be broken into the crepe whole – yolk intact, not scrambled. For seem reason, American creperies seem to find only scrambled eggs suitable in crepes, if they even try something beyond nutella and banana…


(point of information – scrambled eggs don’t even really exist in France! The one attempt at oeufs brouillés I ever tasted was really bizarre, and nothing like what we would expect here in the US).

And the ham, egg, and cheese crepe at Melange Creperie is fabulous, served with decidedly non scrambled eggs. But the other thing I love about Melange Creperie is that they don’t limit themselves to the oft-repeated fillings of nutella, cheese, etc. In addition to what I call the crepe complete, I also tried the crepe with strawberries and lavender creme, and saw that pico de gallo and avocado were ingredients in some of the crepes.

Perfect forwhen you want re-live just a bit of that vacation in Paris

Perfect mealHam, egg, and cheese crepe.

Melange Creperie on Urbanspoon





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