Fort Lauderdale: Coconuts

I started a new project with a client in Miami a couple of weeks ago. But between moving my stuff into storage (read: my parent’s house) in Dallas, packing and moving to New York (I am now officially a New Yorker!), and travelling to and from Miami in between, I’ve been very neglectful of Tuesday Special.

So neglectful that I haven’t even written about one of my new fav restaurants here! But before we go too much further, just a caveat that I’m actually spending zero time in Miami, but am shuttling myself between a suburb in the Miami area, and Fort Lauderdale, where the hotel is. Lauderdale isn’t exactly a hotspot for a happening food scene, but I’ll trade that in every now and then to wake up to a view like this –


Plus, my co-workers and I have managed to find some pretty decent places in Lauderale, but my far-and-away favorite right now is Coconuts. This restaurant has a huge outdoor patio and sits right on the intercoastal area. We have a lovely view of a lot of yachts I can’t even dream of affording. But on the plus side they make the $38 lobster boil on the menu seem like a straight up bargain!


The lobster boil was a special of the evening, and priced at the higher end of the menu. Most of the dishes there are really reasonable, as they should be considering the laid back and casual atmosphere.

I’ve been to Coconuts a couple times now, and almost everything I’ve had has been really good. A couple items are kind of gimmicky and not that great, like the alligator ribs. But all of the seafood I tasted has been really fresh and well seasoned.


The group’s unanimous favorite is definitely the sauteed crab claws. We’ve ordered them every time, sometimes two orders… Apparently they have a cook who comes in to the restaurant in the afternoon to do nothing but handle the crab claws. And they are handled to perfection!

Not a great representation of the claws, but I had to poke the hands away with a fork to get any photo at all

Aside from the crab claws, I also go for the oysters and their Nicoise salad. I love a traditional Nicoise salad, but really appreciated Coconut’s take on it with an olive tapenade and flash fried green beans.



If a salad just won’t cut it for you (no matter how delicious) the paella is a veritable feast. It’s cooked with chorizo, chicken, lobster, mussels, corn, the list goes on! It can easily be shared, but it’s so good you probably won’t want to…


You probably also won’t want to share the desserts. Both the Key Lime pie and chocolate pretzel torte, a special of the evening, were delicious. The pie had the two most important qualities in a decent key lime pie – an appropriate tartness without being too sweet, and a good ratio of graham cracker crust to pie. And the chocolate pretzel torte combined basically all my favorite dessert flavors on one plate – chocolatey, salty, and caramely. *eyes roll back into head*


But the last time I was at Coconuts, I saw a dessert that caught my eye unlike many before. A server walked by with a large plate, pretty much a platter actually, and he stopped by a table next to us to deliver what I realized was an ENORMOUS ice cream sandwich. His arm was practically buckling under the weight of two MASSIVE chocolate chip cookies, stuffed with HUGE scoops of vanilla ice cream. *eyes roll further back into head*

I haven’t tried the ice cream sandwich yet, but absolutely have a reason to go back to Coconuts.

Coconuts on Urbanspoon

Perfect for: seafood on the waterfront

Perfect meal: crab claws followed be the Nicoise salad, finished with a slice of Key Lime pie

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  1. Loved this post, I know Coconut very well – it is a beautiful place. Next time you are in Miami, we will be happy to show the food scene down here so you can taste the different cultures that make up the area.
    Grace Della

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