img_4635_eI first started cooking when I was seven years old after my mother showed me how to make scrambled eggs and grilled cheese. I have hardly stopped cooking since.

This blog is devoted to documenting the discovery and making of good food, wherever it can be found. Often, the food on this blog is found in faraway places like Peru and Malaysia. I am nearly as adventurous a traveler as an eater and feel most at home in a new place when in front of heaping plate of food.

Sometimes, it feels that the most daring place to source interesting food is from my own tiny New York City kitchen. In this cramped, poorly lit space I have cracked open sea urchins, stuffed and roasted minuscule quails, and dared to find a way to use up left over chicken hearts (almost anything can be added to risotto).

You’ll find here a lot stepped up home cooking. Think cabbage salad, but with dried shrimp, or short ribs, but cooked using a sous vide. I don’t shy away from unusual ingredients or cooking methods but will try to provide alternatives for more widely available options.

Ultimately though, I believe good food should be acceptable to those even with limited time and resources. Though some recipes may call for hard-to-find ingredients, I am also unashamed about using boxed cake mix. These recipes are for the adventurous amateurs.


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  1. Obaro Ahante says:

    Good stuff Rose. Very nice.

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