Mafalde pasta with carrots and arugula

My kitchen is full of impulse buys from the neighborhood farmers market, spice markets from the places we’ve traveled to, and really good deals at Fairway that I couldn’t turn down. I have no plans for these ingredients when I buy them,┬ábut I appreciate the challenge of attempting to create a coherent dish out of…

Asparagus pie

Is this a pie? I’m not sure. I think pies are supposed to be round. But it’s not a pizza. It’s not a pizza because I don’t like pizza. I know. Sacrilege. Everyone likes pizza. But as with many incomprehensible peculiarities we find in others, and others certainly see in us (we often are blind…

Pink pepper pasta

This five ingredient pasta is an elegant weeknight meal or great accompaniment to a hearty main dish. Inspired by a pasta from Lilia, in Brooklyn.

Mexican salsas – salsa verde and salsa borracha (drunken salsa)

If you’re not astounded by how bad most store-bought salsas are, you should be. For starters, they tend to have entirely too much tomato in them. Most Mexican salsas do not have a lot of red tomatoes in them. Store-bough salsa are also often oddly sweet. Though I don’t have a bottle of Pace Picante…

Mushroom congee

March might be my least favorite month. It tricks you by offering a few days of warmth and sunshine and singing birds. Then as you start to get comfortable with the idea of spring, March snaps back with icy winds and below freezing temperature to let you know that winter isn’t over yet.