Recipe Index


Orange & Fennel Salad (v, gf)
Blue Cheese and Orange Salad (v, gf)


Leek Asparagus Fritters (v)
Rice noodles (ve, gf, df)
Salsa verde (ve, gf, df)
Salsa borracha (ve, gf, df)


Mushroom congee (df)


Red pepper pasta with ramp pesto
Mafaldine with carrots, arugula, and pine nuts (v)
Pink pepper pasta (v)
Yuca gnocchi (v, ve)


Shakshuka (v, gf, df)

From Land

Pan-seared steak
Peruvian duck stew with gnocchi
Sous-vide beef tongue tacos
Sous-vide “Chinese” short ribs (gf)

From Sea

Sea urchin ceviche (gf, df)
Za’atar crusted cod (df)
Seafood paella (df)

Breads & Baking

Asparagus pie
Cinnamon Orange Brioche (v)


v = vegetarian
ve = vegan
gf = gluten free
df = dairy free

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